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    • Total Divas LOVE Total Glam!

      Total Divas is a reality TV series on E! that follows the life of WWE superstars, like our friend CJ Perry. CJ, a.k.a Lana has teamed with Johnathan Kayne to provide her with one of our most beloved styles, the 461. The full sequin gown is just the right kind of sparkle for the ring and the red carpet. Lana asked Kayne to customize her ensemble with a halter strap and high slit. 

      WWE Superstar Lana is a professional wrestler, dancer, actor, and model. She launched her career in the movie Pitch Perfect as a singer. She also made a name for herself dancing back up for superstars like Nelly, Pink, Usher, and Akon. Since she signed with WWE in 2013, the superstar's popularity has skyrocketed. Click here to join her 2.4 million followers on Instagram and be sure to watch her on Total Divas on E!. 

      Total Divas LOVE Total Glam!
    • Kayne Saves the Day @ Radio Disney Awards

      Breakout artist Tally aka Tallyraps was set to perform at the awards show, with her wardrobe created by another designer. Unfortunately, the designs never arrived. After asking around, Tally found Johnathan Kayne and asked for help days before the award show. "Saying yes was easy, and creating her dream costume for the stage was... well it reminded me of a Project Runway challenge. Thankfully new samples for the Spring 2018 collection had just arrived, and I was able to turn a gorgeous gown into an amazing romper that was just right for the performance." ~Johnathan Kayne

      Kayne Saves the Day @ Radio Disney Awards
    • Fashion D'Lux

      FASHION D'LUX is the premier annual luxury runway show for Charlotte, NC. The founders of the project partnered with PAC Public Relations to provide an opportunity for businesses and brands to showcase their designs that focus on quality, integrity, and rarity. What better way to celebrate, but a once a year extravaganza?!

      The 2017 FASHION D'LUX production graciously asked our Johnathan Kayne team to bring fabulous evening-wear trends as a part of the show. Collaborative designer, Joshua McKinley, represented our brand with the hottest trends in the industry.

      Fashion D'Lux
    • New Collection, Major Gratitude!

      During the height of prom season, store owners and designers alike switched gears to celebrate new collections for Fall 2017. The Johnathan Kayne team traveled to Atlanta for the Americasmart VOW New World of Bridal show and market. The JK Fall/Winter 2017 collection was our third autumn launch, and the outcome was better than ever. Fifty fabulous new styles were shown, and you all responded. Kayne's newest collection offers a glamorous edge, complete with fun designer prints, sexy fitted style, and luxurious tones in velvet. Tenured retailers as well as new raved that the JK collection is "unlike any other line that we carry." Drawing inspiration from our fan base and local celebrities, Kayne is utilizing premium resources to deliver the next level social occasion gowns and dresses.

      "Each market is such a humbling experience. I am so thankful that you trust in us to provide fresh, fun and sexy fashion each season. Your excitement fuels my creativity! Y'all better watch out, it just keeps getting better!"~Johnathan Kayne

      New Collection, Major Gratitude!
    • Kayne's Back in School

      In the South, O'More College of Design is "THE" school to learn everything fashion. Each year Kayne gives back to aspiring fashion designers and fashion merchandising students. He shares the story of how he turned his career as a humble sketch artist into a wonderfully successful international eveningwear brand.

      Kayne takes the time to address each students' questions and offer up advice as a seasoned professional.

      This month Kayne spent the whole day at O'More, and was pleased to review some of the senior projects Project Runway style.

      "I got a taste of how it feels being Tim Gunn," Kayne laughs.

      Kayne's Back in School
    • Traveling Overseas

      Last month Kayne and Joshua visited our production facilities in China. Our designers came back raving about their experiences, and now we would like to share some with you!

      For those whom are not familiar, our creative design process starts with Kayne and Joshua's sketches. Each style is sent to our factories with "tech packs" full of construction details and material selections.

      Our facilities create a sample based on the details sent. Once the guys arrive in China, they have the opportunity to make sure the samples turn out to their specs. All of the translations have to come out perfectly for the sample to be created to their vision. Kayne has mentioned that it is rare that a gown is created exactly like he envisions.

      The time they spend in China is primarily revising the samples for the best collections possible. Countless hours are spent choosing new colors or fabrics, or creating entirely new styles from inspiring new fabrics and beading.

      Once our team arrives at markets with samples, a ton of time has been spent on each style making sure the fit, quality, design, and price will make it a great seller for your store.

      "When you show up to the design studio, there are new fabrics that would make a drag queen lose her wig. Sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing and drape a masterpiece." ~ Joshua McKinley

      Traveling Overseas
    • Pose Like No One’s Watching

      After Kayne and Joshua design our collections, we have numerous days in the photography studio to shoot images for our website and our family of retailers. After each photoshoot, our team scours thousands of pictures to find the perfect shot of each gown. We shoot the style number on a dry erase board with the gown to keep the photo files as organized as possible. It visually helps our team identify each gown in the editing process. Some of our favorite shots come from our models’ “mug-shots”, the one image where they get to truly express their emotions. Sometimes during a long day of shooting, you can see their silliness, caffeine highs, hunger, or just plain exhaustion. Our glamour girls work so hard and we love them dearly. Here is a compilation of our favorite outtakes in honor of those long crazy days.

    • Literary Debut

      Nashville: Music & Murder

      This thrilling new title written by local New York Times Best Selling author Tom Carter. Tom shows the darker, more mysterious side of Music City.

      We are honored our Johnathan Kayne Spring 2016 Style 6052 graciously appears on the book cover. This is our FIRST book cover!

      Literary Debut
    •  Providing Food with Fashion

      Our Spring 2016 line featured our "Hunger Action" gown, Style 346 in emerald. We pledged to donate the profits from this style to the national organization Feeding America. This past month, after a year of sales, we were able to provide over 15,000 meals!

      Kayne met with local chapter Second Harvest Food Bank to learn how each food bank is able to turn donations into life changing meals. One way they get goods are actual food donations from individuals as well as grocers with "soon to expire" goods. They are able to turn money donations into multiple meals with large discounts from the food manufacturers. All of their goods are warehoused in regional distribution centers like this. This chapter distributes to pick-up zones like churches and schools, they create backpack meals for school children, and even frozen meals for elderly. We were told that they turn over the entire food inventory in the warehouse every 7 days!

      "Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. The issue of hunger is one that is close to my heart. It means so much to be able to make a difference in so many lives." - Kayne

       Providing Food with Fashion
    • Design Process in China

      The designers get inspiration from beads, colors, Pinterest, cities, countries, food, you name it! While in China they create a sketch of what they see as a vision. Over the few weeks of their business trip, they are able to collaborate with the factory workers and see if what they want for the Fall or Spring collection can become a product. This is the most challenging part of the year. Johnathan Kayne and Joshua McKinley encounter on the trip to being successful and motivating. Watch this clip to see the design process come alive!

    • JK & JM China Experiences

      Not only did our designers learn a lot while working hard all day in the factory but while in China they got to experience the history and culture of China. While they were on their trip Kayne got to celebrate his birthday with some of the factory workers that included dinner and a painting party.  Joshua experienced that soda in China is packaged different. Many more adventures were practiced during the few weeks they were there.

    • Johnathan Kayne and Joshua McKinley Traveling to China 2016

      Ever wonder how our designers, Johnathan Kayne and Joshua McKinley, get the inspiration, fabric, beads, and create the dresses for the line? Well, they travel to China every year to make the magic of the fashion industry happen! Checkout this “Behind the Scenes” video of their recap of the traveling process from the states to China! Numerous stops were made at Starbucks.

    • Behind the Scenes with Lindsay Ell

      Working in Music City often presents unique opportunities. This month country artist Lindsay Ell and her stylist John Murphy worked exclusively with Kayne to pull for her summer tour, international television appearances, and red carpet for the CMT Awards.

      "Lindsay is a joy to dress for the red carpet because she loves innovative, sexy and dramatic silhouettes. She trusts her stylist and I on what will move and photograph well."  - Kayne

    • Johnathan Kayne photoshoot! Behind the Scenes of SS2017!

      Sexy, dramatic fashion? Check. Fierce models? Check. Triple-shot venti sugar free hazelnut skinny latté? You better believe it! It takes the extremes to make a magazine worthy fashion shoot happen in just one day. Thank goodness the creative team behind the Johnathan Kayne brand was on point this year. The photoshoot was meant to catch Kayne’s vision of modern glamour and was held in an exclusive loft set in downtown Nashville, TN. Our in house video expert, Ashley, put together a fun montage looking behind the curtain. Enjoy a great preview of our Spring 2017 collections and a good laugh at some of our candid moments.

    • Johnathan Kayne Fall, 2016

      New styles will be released next month in our 2016 Fall Collection. Be inspired by the sexy, sophisticated capsule collection targeted to the homecoming, pageant, and social customer. A new direction in photography is sure to spark interest and excite the market. Stay tuned into social media for more sneak peeks and updates.

      Johnathan Kayne Fall, 2016
    • Runway at Rayna's

      What does Florida Georgia Line, NYC Models, ABC's TV Series Nashville, and Johnathan Kayne have in common? All came together in their own way to help put on one ROCKING FUNDRAISER for Nashville's Second Harvest Food Bank last month.

      "Off The Record" was a wonderful evening that only fashion + music could create. The event was held at the Sylvia Roberts Estate, which is used for Rayna James' character's house on ABC's TV Series Nashville. With the 20,000 Sq Ft home being the opening act, the Runway show was set up in a house sized tent in the back yard. Johnathan Kayne gowns strolled down an amazing runway along side John Varvatos, Gucci, Amanda Valentine, Tribe Kelley, Cole Haan, and many others. In between designer walks, performances were given by Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley, Tommy Shaw of Styx, and Big N Rich. Check out some of the pics:

      Runway at Rayna's
    • Miranda Lambert!

      The Harmony Award given by the Nashville Symphony is an annual award given to some of Music City's biggest names. This year's recipient is no stranger. Saturday night Miranda Lambert accepted the award and performed with the Symphony orchestra wearing her Johnathan Kayne gown! You may recognize the gown as our Style 6034 in this year's line. In case you were wondering, working with ML was a surreal but awesome experience!

      Miranda Lambert!
    • Johnathan Kayne Helps Fight Hunger!

      Feeding America


      Celebrity Designer Fights Hunger with Glamorous Fashion is the title of the blog that Kayne wrote for National Charity Organization Feeding America during September's Hunger Action month. Kayne talks about the inspiration for his "Hunger Action" gown and how his own life has been touched by hunger. Please click here to check out the article and the organization's website.

      Johnathan Kayne Helps Fight Hunger!
    • Joshua McKinley and Brother Sewing

      We are always so proud of our celebrity designer Joshua McKinley! This month he helped make life long memories for Gustavo, winner of the Brother Loves Fashion Sweepstakes put together by the Brothers sewing machine company. For months the company took in designs from aspiring young designers competing for the chance to jetset off to NYC and create their designs with Project Runway celebs Anthony Ryan and Joshua McKinley! Read about Gustavo's once in a lifetime experience here.

      Joshua McKinley and Brother Sewing
    • Meghan Linsey Interview

      ML1 ML2


      Our brand manager, Nacona, interviewed one of NBC's newest reality successes after being styled by Kayne for a couple of appearances here in Nashville.

      I live under a rock when it comes to television, but I've heard that you just took 1st runner up on the show "The Voice," right? 

      Yea, I recently competed on Season 8. It was awesome. There were a lot of really long days, but I really thrive on hard work. Seeing the payoff in the end was a huge confidence booster. Just knowing that America was voting for me and cheering me on, brought life back into my work.

      You had a pretty successful career before the show too, right?

      Well you could say that. I've been working in Nashville for about 11 years. For the first part of it, I played with a group called Steel Magnolias. I've been working independently for the past 3-4 years.

      Switching gears a little. I know some artists could care less about what they are wearing. How does fashion play into your life?

      I love it. Fashion and style in general are a big part of my life; I'm really into reinventing my look. I even have a style blog on my website where I talk about fashion and new products.

      That's amazing I'll definitely check that out. When were you introduced to Kayne? What caught your eye? 

      It seems like I've run into him or his work over the last couple of years. I can't remember what show she was at, but when I saw Kellie Pickler in that navy dress I was in awe. She looked incredible.

      You had some events this month where you wore his designs. How was working with him? 

      Working with Kayne was a breath of fresh air. he was so accommodating and had some amazing ideas. As a curvy woman, it was great to work with someone who understands a woman's body and caters to that.

      What did you wear, and how did you feel? 

      So comfortable! I wore a solid black two piece for a cover shoot for the Nashville Arts Magazine and a powder blue cocktail while hosting the GLAAD Awards. I was so thankful that they fit so well!

      Just one last question. What are you going to say to Beyonce when she is stalking you behind stage for information on Johnathan Kayne?

      (After some laughter) Girl, you've got to call him. Let me get you his number.

    • Out of the Mouths of Babes

      Let's face it, girls in our gowns melt our hearts. This month we interviewed Rivers Countiss of Oxford, MS about choosing a Johnathan Kayne gown. 


      Team JK: Rivers, is that what you typically go by?

      Miss Countiss: Yea, my first name is Madelyn, but it normally is mispronounced. I stick to my middle name Rivers.

      Team JK: Totally get it, Rivers is fun. We adored you in Joshua's royal velvet 588, can you tell me a little about how you chose it from a thousand other options?

      Miss Countiss: Well it was kind of funny. I was getting ready for the Parade of Beauties Pageant at Old Miss, and had already bought a light blue mermaid style Sherri Hill gown. Originally I had wanted a blue velvet, but bought what was available at the time. On a road trip with a friend, and former pageant gal, we stopped at a store near Jackson and there it was. There was the royal velvet gown that I had been looking for. It started out a little big, it was a size 8.

      Team JK: Do you remember what store you were at?

      Miss Countiss: Umm honestly I'm pretty sure it was called Beyond Expectations. I had never been there before, but their staff was so helpful and nice.

      Team JK:  Oh, awesome. Yea, we love the owner Cori. She is super sweet. Any advice for stores who are helping girls like yourself find a dress?

      Miss Countiss: Make sure they feel good in the gown. I like to feel confident. When I tried on the size 8 at first, I wasn't sure about it. Then they pinned it in all the right places and it fit like a glove.

      FUN Facts about Rivers: She has only done a handful of pageants. She even turned down an opportunity to compete in Miss Mississippi USA to focus on her studies at Old Miss. Watch out for this go getter, when she isn't studying she is working on her kick boxing skills! Hi-Yah!

    • Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

      This month 14 young fashionistas from the local Boys and Girls Club ranging from 8-12 took a special field trip to the Johnathan Kayne headquarters! These aspiring designers and models learned industry trade secrets during their Q&A mentoring session. They then let their personality shine in a sketch competition and super model walk showdown. There was no shortage of sass with this group! You can learn more about the Boys and Girls Club hereBGC1 BGC2